Custom-created gifts, promotional goods, awards, fundraisers

Our Story

Jeff's Design Shed became official in 2017, but it all started about a year before as a family adventure to check out some 3D printers at a local maker hot spot. What started as a fun family activity steadily turned into a business that combines my budding interest in design and my passion to create things that people love.

As a former volunteer firefighter and EMT, and Deputy Coroner, I am proud to say that my first responder and law enforcement brothers and sisters were my first customers, and they remain a big part of what I do. With each badge I etch, I honor the recipient and the sacrifices they make just doing what they do.




Laser-etched tumblers are an exciting way to show your loyalty to your team, express your appreciation to your employees, or to make A one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone.

Your design

The most commonly etched designs from existing customers are logos and images that represent something about the recipient: badges, business logos, sports teams, clubs, pets, or special interest groups, or those that commemorate an event like class reunions, weddings, retirement, graduation, races, promotions, or special awards. Often, images can be taken from existing invitations, or other branding that you may have.

Custom gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are also very popular. Combine your love of dogs and your favorite local sports team, or turn a cherished loved one's paper recipe into a decorative work of art that can be passed from generation to generation. One recent customer said that his mother said of her gift, "This is the best gift I've ever received" and wiped away a tear. Tears are not an uncommon response to these truly unique and personal gifts, and there's no bigger compliment.